A Knife Magnetic Strip

knife magnetic strip

How to Use a Knife Magnetic Strip

A magnetic strip for knives is a great way to store your kitchen knives. You can hang them on the wall and have easy access. They are popular because of their neat design, the fact that they save space, and make it easy to grab an abrasive knife when cooking. They’re also a great option for storing extra knives, which don’t fit inside a traditional knife box. The best magnetic knives holders are made with neodymium, which is a strong magnet that will not lose its strength over time. They should also be made of a non-metal material that won’t harm your blades.

You can get magnetic knife holders in plastic, aluminum or wood. Some brands even have options for different colors or designs to match your kitchen decor. Before mounting, you should carefully read the instructions if you decide to buy one. You should also select the right place to mount your magnetic holder. Ideally, it should be away from heat sources like a stove and where it won’t get bumped into.

A knife magnetic strip is a great alternative to traditional block storage, especially for those who have small children or spirited cats. Repeatedly putting in and taking out your knives from a wooden block can dull them, so it’s important to find an alternative storage method that preserves the sharp edge of your cutlery. The most popular place to hang magnet strips is on the backsplash or near your sink. It’s a place that is usually away from children and can be easily cleaned.